Do you know the German word “GEIL”? It means cool or horny. Now, imagine you want to say it in a classy way. You soften the “g”: In the jungle, geriatric Jean­Claude Van Damme juggles in jeans while the jukebox in the juice bar plays Genesis. J­DZ­Good luck.

In any case… DZAIJL is a cover band in spandex, a live music experience that you ́ll never ever forget. The 9 members are charming entertainers with spectacular hairdos, oversized stage presence, and a hint of cha cha cha!

DZAIJL play the greatest hits of the last 70 years, with bombastic brass arrangements by band founder Karen “Screamin” Bolage. Many have covered DZAIJL’s classics: world-famous bands like Queen and AC/DC, stars like Nancy Sinatra and Ray Charles. Even Nina Hagen, Eros Ramazotti and Stereo Total have tried to be DZAIJL. The unique repertoire is uncompromising, intoxicating, rocking.

The sound goes right into the ears, through the heart, to the abs, legs, and buns.

As seriously as DZAIJL takes music, they take themselves gloriously unserious – there is no song too cheesy, no leggings too tight, no make­up too absurd. They are gay­friendly, straight­friendly, animal­friendly, and all the while misanthropic. If you ask DZAIJL if they doubt their relevance to society because of their trivial selection of songs, they point out that they themselves are the political statement due to their diversity in spirit.

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